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Discontinuation of Mac Support for Autodesk Alias and VRED




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What is happening to the Mac support for Autodesk Alias and VRED?
After July 13, 2018, Autodesk will no longer provide Mac versions of Alias and VRED, beginning with version 19.1.

Prior versions of Alias (2019.0 and earlier) can continue to run on High Sierra or earlier operating system versions. Once Apple releases Mojave, no versions of VRED will run on that operating system due to the OpenGL deprecation.

Why is Autodesk making this change?
This change allows Autodesk development teams to focus on bringing innovations to market faster, and allows for more frequent software updates. In the end, the entire Alias and VRED community will benefit from this streamlined approach.

What are the alternative software options?
If you’re a current Mac user, you can migrate to the Windows version or to Mac-supported software such as Boot Camp. These options offer all the functionality you need and will be supported by future updates of Alias. Though we are not able to support technical issues with Boot Camp or Windows OS, the Windows versions of Alias and VRED are equipped to run on a ‘boot camped’ Windows. If you have issues with something such as installing, Autodesk is happy to help support the resolution of those issues.

What if I don’t want to change?
If you don’t want to use either the Windows version or Boot Camp (or similar software) it is possible to remain on Sierra or earlier OS X versions and continue with your existing version of Alias (Alias 2019.0 or prior). Alias is not supported on High Sierra due to a macOS incompatibility that Apple does not currently plan to fix. If you choose this option, Autodesk can only continue to support the Mac version as long as you never upgrade past the Sierra version of macOS.


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