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‘SNL’ Ratings Rise With Amy Schumer In Pre-Mother’s Day Airing

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How funny, when the Don Glover episode aired, everyone was over the moon about how awesome he is, even though the episode had the second lowest ratings of the season (for the record, it was a funny episode).

Now, silence here. And I don't care for Schumer, but calling a spade a spade

Schumer is way more popular and well-known than Donald Glover right now. That's just the truth

reddit will be triggered.

reddit needs to stop using popularity as a synonym for quality, and vice versa.

Likewise, reddit needs to realize that their demo isn't the authority on quality.

This too.

I would agree with you up until last Saturday when he became a household name.

But yes, Schumer gets so much shit on here and her sketch comedy is very grounded and funny.

I don’t know how she became a universal punching bag but somewhere Carlos Mencia is praying to God.

Hosting SNL doesn’t make you a house hold name. Maybe in 1975, but not now.

I’m talking about Solo and This Is America lol

In America's eyes or the world? Cuz Im sure Glover is a superstar compare to Schumer around the world, not just USA. No disrespect to Amy, she deserves all the recognition and success but Im just saying I hear far more people from all kinds(not social media but in real life) recognise Glover over Schumer.

Why would Glover be that known around the world?

Community and Childish Gambino.

I mean, why would Community be that popular internationally, it wasn't even that popular relatively in America. Maybe Gambino would be? I think Glover with Solo might be close to absolutely exploding, but Schumer's been headlining movies for a few years while Glover was still on tv

Be nice if others could chime in thats not from USA cuz i truly believe Glover more well known around the world.

I am from the world. Only reason I watched community was because of reddit. It was never on our regular TV programming.

Community isnt well known here

she actually doesn't deserve all the recognition and success so you're safe there.

Well.. idk if thats entirely true. Maybe shes more well known but not by THAT much

Top comment is literally blaming no new releases

It's hard for people on reddit to believe, but she actually is fairly popular.

Yeah, reddit is never a good indicator of what’s actually popular in the world. This website has a very specific demographic.

-42 points·9 hours ago(21 children)

Because like I said, most of its users of a similar demographic.

Case in point: reddit aggressively hates The Big Bang Theory. You’d think it’s doing really poorly. But it’s literally the number 1 show on television.

You mean our comments and upvotes DONT determine what's successful and what's not!

1 point·2 hours ago·edited 2 hours ago

To be fair, "reddit" obviously isn't a single entity, either. A majority of reddit users could like The Big Bang Theory and no one would know if they didn't bother to comment, upvote, etc. (perhaps because of the animosity toward it). All that really matters in the comments is what has the "loudest" support regardless of the actual overall amount of it.

-8 points·4 hours ago(0 children)

People do allow their minds to direct their tastes. But sometimes, people also just want to relax their brains and watch a dumb sitcom. Turns out dumb sitcoms are very popular.

it has everything to do with allowing your mind to direct some of your tastes.

Er...can you describe what it would even mean for your mind to not direct your tastes?

To be fair, you have to have a very high IQ...

reddit represents mostly men while women make up half of the population, for one thing. They're not a representative sample.

-31 points·8 hours ago(0 children)


-6 points·3 hours ago(0 children)

Yeah he is

I really wanted to believe you were a troll

-5 points·6 hours ago(0 children)

specific demographic(clever and enlightened males 18-30)

What? The main comments on just about any major subreddit are almost always generic shit posts or a horse that has been long since beaten dead. You make it sound like young men take breaks from working in the laboratory to spread their intellectual euphoria to strangers on reddit.

And how the fuck do you know the gender of these people leaving comments in which subreddits?

How can you be so stereotypically condescending towards women? I have one guess and it involves you and a lot of moisturizer.

Tell me more about your fantasy about me with a bunch of moisturizer.

It involves you and a woman who likes you and you finally getting laid so you can push aside your obviously sexually frustrated ass.

Ok, good. So, a woman's involved now and I'm getting laid. I hear a squeaky moan and look to the right and see you jerking off at the window.

So you’re not only a misogynist but also a creep. Well they go hand in hand I suppose.

A lot of subs here are niche but r/aww is pretty mainstream so not sure what issue you take with his statement

Honestly I think she's good with sketch comedy. Yeah her standup is pretty bleh but she was funny last night and has been funny in the past

Yeah, her show on Comedy Central had some great sketches. The one where all the female friends meet on the street and neg themselves to make each other feel better was ace.

Just imagine she doesn't do stand up and she's okay.

Looks at post upvote % vs top comment

Not hard for them to downvote a positive Amy Schumer post and move on without even going to the comment section though.

So is Jersey Shore.

Comment deleted6 hours ago(1 child)

I hate to break it to you....

-4 points·3 hours ago·edited 52 minutes ago

With who? Speaking from a millennial's viewpoint, her only fanbase that I've encountered seems to be the TERFy types, nearly everyone else I've met hates her or doesn't know her (most older demos).

I actually thought her sketch comedy was decent, but I understand her (seeming?) unpopularity. Remarkably few people I've met actually have even seen her show, she just is apparently THAT unpopular a figure in my mostly uber-leftist circles.

EDIT: FFS I'm asking a question from a legitimate viewpoint of unknowing, not trying to make a statement of any sort of opinion

She was great yesterday. Loved her monologue and the cold open. Melissa McCarthy on Weekend Update made me laugh too. Good episode overall.

Yeah I'm not a fan of hers but thought the episode was pretty great. I laughed a lot and she was very natural and funny in her roles.

She has done a lot of sketch comedy, and I think she is much better at it than at stand up.

Shes much better at sketch comedy then stand up. If the money was better id say stick to that

Arrested Development6 points·8 hours ago

I think both women are pretty funny in movies. I don't know if McCarthy does stand up but Schumer is not as funny when doing standup. I did like her in Trainwreck. And for McCarthy, I think I've enjoyed everything she has been in since Bridesmaids.

I wanted to kill myself with how bad I thought that opening monologue was, but the sketches weren't bad. I loved Melissa McCarthy in weekend update too, she did a great job there. Felt like a decent portion of that bit was improvised too.

Oh, reddit's going to love this. I predict a respectful and non-vitriolic comment thread.

Here's a question I've never seen asked: Do weekends without big movie openings correlate to higher SNL ratings?

If less people are going to the movies on a Saturday night, it stands to reason that some of that audience would tune in to SNL, no? I dunno, maybe I'm an idiot and this is a false equivalence but I think it'd be interesting to look at

Lol i love how Amy gets good ratings and everyone goes,WELL MAYBE CUZ NOTHING GOOD IS OUT

-10 points·3 hours ago(3 children)


I'm not sure what he's talking about with rape apologies, but it's been shown that Amy Schumer has stolen a number of jokes in her stand up career. She stole a couple from Dave Chapelle that I know of, specifically about blacking out while drunk is like time travel. The other notable one is a joke about a guy cumming in a fish bowl. Amy tells the same joke but changes fish bowl to "jar". I'm sure you could easily find a video or something showing this.

-1 points·2 hours ago·edited 1 hour ago

Which she followed up with the "I've got a black friend so I can't be racist" style defense

Downvotes won't make her funny or less scummy.

Well this really is a first for her so it is due to lack of competition, not people tuning in simply for a host, for example Stormy Daniels was a draw, but besides that people tune in for skits not guest stars

Seinfeld1 point·20 minutes ago

Stormy Daniels was a surprise cameo. How would people know to tune in for that? And that was during Donald Glover's show. People absolutely tune in for the host/musical guest.

Well, if we assume that lower SNL ratings correlate to weekends with big movie openings, saying that Glover had the (tied for) second lowest ratings would imply there was a big movie opening, right? It looks like, however, the biggest movie that weekend to release was Overboard? The lowest ratings this season were April 14 - and I'm not sure Rampage was -that- big of a draw. However, A Quiet Place (currently #3 for 2018 opening weekend) had the (tied) second highest rating for SNL.

So based on a fairly quick look at the ratings since January compared to movie releases, there doesn't appear to be a correlation. It's worth noting, however, that the weeks for particularly big movie openings (Black Panther, Infinity War, Ready Player 1, Fifty Shades), with the exception of A Quiet Place, have not had SNL episodes. It also doesn't seem like the next week's ratings take a hit, either - though that's difficult to read as 2 of the above 5 movies also didn't have episodes the week after, and Ready Player One's second week was the week A Quiet Place came out (though the week after a Quiet Place came out did have the lowest rating) and the week after Infinity War had the (tied) second lowest.

So I think it's a safe bet to say they're unrelated.

She was great in the mother game show bit. Loved the timing.

How dare they!

That's cool. I thought she was great, I didn't know what to expect since I wasn't really a fan of her previous show but she impressed me. I'd like to see her host again, I think she's weak as a stand up but does well as a comedy actress on SNL and like.

Special episodes always rate high no matter who is hosting.And to be fair,Melissa McCarthys cameo got a bigger response than the host did in anything on that episode.

Lol the people here are trying to act like this isnt a win for her

yeah probably to watch how shitty it would be.

Sort by: controversial

Just watched her episode. She really wasn't very funny. More annoying than anything. The funniest bit was Weekend Update.

i mean... they're pulling a 1.9 in their target demo of 18-49 lol

You reckon the 11:30 PM Saturday night slot is usually a goldmine?

I mean...what’s your point? This was the third highest-rated episode of television this week, behind only TBBT and Young Sheldon. 18-49 just means people aged 18 to 49. A 1.9 rating in that demo is a big hit.

Didn't Roseanne pull in more viewers this week?

I thought Roseanne was slowly going down

Still higher than the above examples though.

Arrested Development3 points·8 hours ago

And TBBT had a pretty big event happen this week, too, so plenty of fans were tuning in to watch it Thursday night.

A 1.9 rating in that demo is a big hit.

uh, no. Empire pulls a 6.6 in the same demo. that's a hit.

a 1.9 puts you in about a 15-way tie for the 70th most watched program in your target demographic on network television. lol

Source? These have Empire at a 1.6

2016 complete network ratings.

Roseanne's actively pulling a 4 in the current 30 day period with the 18-49 demo.

at the risk of belaboring the point, SNL's 18-49 demo ratings at this time last year peaked at 3.5.

Remind me.. what year is it again?

Oh yeah, it's 2018.

You might want to adjust your metrics.

-4 points·6 hours ago·edited 6 hours ago

You might want to adjust your metrics.


"Roseanne's actively pulling a 4 in the current 30 day period with the 18-49 demo."

also i like how your reply implies that you think there's been between a 50% to 90% drop in network television viewership to not only justify SNL's current ratings, but to make them an achievement no less. lmao

Jessica Jones0 points·9 hours ago

uh, no. Empire pulls a 6.6

Which never fails to surprise me, given what a violent nutjob Terrance Howard is.

The main point is the numbers is shit. All late night shows ratings and numbers are dropping. Because well, theyre all shit now.

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt1 point·4 hours ago

She was pretty great in "Meteor Shower," never got the aggressive hate she has here.

Do you get why people hate Mencia

Is there a reason why we post SNL ratings every single week?

Because it's news?

0 points·6 hours ago·edited 5 hours ago

Seems more like redditors idea of a host popularity contest or just about the host rather than anything to do with the actual show or ratings itself. No other show gets commented on weekly, I guess their format doesn't lend themselves to fluctuations like, but it's the only show that gets reviewed and analyzed every week in depth. There really isn't much of substance to talk about.

-3 points·7 hours ago·edited 5 hours ago


Downvote all you want, but SNL gets attention now because it has become the premiere anti-Trump show.

Reality is anti trump

-25 points·10 hours ago(6 children)

Her big movie was Trainwreck, so you're saying people can't stop watching her movie. That's high praise.

Damn it, you’re right.

It was a good movie too. Have you seen it?

I’d rather slam my wedding vegetables in a car door for 2 hours.


Ratings =/= Viewer count

-10 points·9 hours ago(0 children)
-12 points·8 hours ago(0 children)
-10 points·9 hours ago(0 children)

Can hardly believe I grew up cherishing talents that were vetted by this show.

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