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I am table

I hold the fruit

When you are sad

Pls boop my snoot

Yes I am smol

Can't carry lots

But I will give

It all I gots

I am table

I say again

Pls have some fruit

And be my fren

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You are a poetic genius.

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That was beautiful. 😭😭😭

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What rhymes with corgi?

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I got a bad bitch she cute like a corgi, her ass fat, yea like a porkyee

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That was awful. I love it.

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That depends, if you're going for one word then, unfortunately, the first two examples I thought of were "orgy" and "horny" there's also "thorny", "sorely", "forty", "stormy" and "poorly". If you're just going for the same amount syllables then "for see", "nor seen" or "implore me" would work. Those are just the ones that I could come up with off the top of my head.

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Is it just me or do none of these rhyme with corgi

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As an amateur songwriter I use all kinds of rhymes, but I also understand when people ask for a rhyme on a polysyllabic word they usually want the last two to match. Hence "nothing rhymes with silver," etc.

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So you know there's different ways to rhyme but still don't recognize the way those words rhyme with corgi?

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Porgy. A type of fish.

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Is this from that album Metallica did with Lou Reed

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I want to see freestyle rap like this

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This is Gold worthy.

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I'll take four

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Heckin corgo does a balance

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If you would like to see more pictures of this cute dog with things on its head, check out its tumblr page: http://thingsonhazelshead.tumblr.com/ ;)

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Thanks for the source link, I wasn't able to find it!

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Thats the most adorable snoot i've ever seen. dont tell my corgi...

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I'd say that is a good boy!

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Let's just hope this one doesn't break either.

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Sneaky Corgi Pretends to be Table in Food Theft Attempt

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Awww so adorable!!

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Hazel! 😍

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I couldn’t help but reading this in Andy Kaufman’s voice.

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Table is a terrible name for a dog imo

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Day 7: they still think I’m a table

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Not sure which is rounder: the oranges or the corgi!

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Holy mother of god that is one god damn good dog

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I'll take a table for two

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He’s a good boy

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My new background pic

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hello I am Royal Canadian Mounted Police

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Is cute table. You no need. I take for you.

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Good fruit boye

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This is why I subscribed. Corgis with things on their head.

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I am stable

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Aww the puppy balancing oranges

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U tot I am doggo, but it was I, table the whole time

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I love how determined it is!! It's like "Look i am balancing! Do you still love me?" "I will be table for as long as you want me to" "am I doing a good job?" "please i am trying my best"

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I literally couldn't hold in my reaction of delighted squees scrolling by this, it's just too cute omg 😭

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...is there a reason why every time you post something you post it to tons of subreddits?

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Because not everybody is subscribed to every single subreddit.

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Is this hazel? I follow her on Tumblr

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Yes it is.

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Why.......Why are corgis so friggin cute. I just... I can't handle it.

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How much for the table?

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That’s a goo Ein.

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....... Moooooooooom. Doge is at it again!

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Corgi cargo

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To understand the table, you must become the table.

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cυтe aғ.

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Tabel and perfectly balanced , are we sure he's not "stuffed" hahaha

Just kidding the dog has amazing talent

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a veeery cute one

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of course, you're!

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i’m not crazy, i’m a fuckin table ! - tyler okonma

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corgis have an unfair advantage with this trick. they have such low centre of gravity anything will balance on that snoot

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Nothing is on her snoot.

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so is this sub just reposting two-year old pictures of Mabel for karma? if so, ill hop on board tomorrow.

just curious, because ive only seen this sub hit /r/all a few times, and its literally always the same dog (which isnt OPs) with something else on its head