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Trailer Footage vs Actual Gameplay : gaming
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Trailer Footage vs Actual Gameplay

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Captured with in-game engine

Oh for fuck's sake.

157 points·9 hours ago·edited 9 hours ago

It has always flabbergasted me why a studio would make better-than-release visuals and put in the effort of getting them to run in-engine, only to discard all that work and redo everything in lower fidelity.

In-engine doesn't mean realtime. They probably rendered that 3 minute trailer for hours. Not to mention that they only make the special models for the handful of stuff that's in the trailer, not everything.

In-engine also doesn't mean on production hardware. The E3 demos are never run on Play stations or Xboxes. It is always run on a very high end PC. They do this for many reasons. The obvious is that you don't have to worry about how optimized the demo is at this point, just SLI/Crossfire some high end video card and throw ram at it. It's also much easier to manage the demo and debug/make any changes needed at the last minute.

And they would have to spend way more time making high quality assets and mechanics that just a few people would see during launch.

Because marketing told the publisher that this approach sells more copies and since publisher holds the IP you have to comply?

It sucks how many people don't seem to grasp this (not talking about this OP specifically, just in general).

Yup. Marketing is king. When they tell you something has to be done, it gets done. Simple as that. If you refuse, they'll set you aside and find someone who'll do it.

The work isn't discarded, and when making models for a game the common practice is to make a midpoly to high poly which is then baked onto a low poly. Making the high detail models is part of the process.

Because framerate matters, and just because those higher-end postprocesses and higher-res shadows are fine for one area doesn't mean they're fine for another. You don't know exactly where this is going to land part-way through development.

If you don't have a separate marketing team, your regular Devs actually stop work on the game to make the high end visual trailers, because its a business. The high-end trailers, that use graphics that will not work in real time, will drive sales and there may be contractual obligations with a publisher that you need to deliver a high end trailer for marketing, before the game is done.

That's not what happens at all.

Its how the software development cycle goes. Dev thinks they can achieve a certain level of features and graphics by release assuming the vendor (M$ and Sony) provide hardware that does what they say it does and that management gives them the time a resources to do it right.

Then you find out after the E3 demo, which you ran on a super high end PC, that the new console had features cut because the vendor is trying to stay below a certain cost and doesn't want to end up trying to push a $600 console again.

So now you have less ram and maybe a slower processor. Your demo wasn't optimized because it was a demo and you were still in the process of making the game, optimization comes later. Now you know that there is no way you can get that demo to run on production hardware. Even with millennia of work your specs are below what you need. So you have to cut back. We aren't doing antialiased 1080p now, we are going to upscale a lower resolution. We aren't going to have 2k textures, we just dont have the graphics memory etc.

Then while you are fixing bugs and trying to wring every bit of performance from your new bastardized build management comes and tells you they are adding loot boxes/DLC/Multiplayer/mapmaker/etc and you need to focus on that. "But the game isn't done yet!" You say pleadingly. Doesn't matter. We can fix that with patches, work on this extra content we never told you about in the planning meetings.

So now you end up with a game that looks like ass, runs like shit, is fraught with bugs and tries at every turn to nickle and dime you.


demo running on $10,000 pc.

Ending spashscreen: console exclusive.

Leauge of legends got offended by this

94 points·7 hours ago

The top half was so mesmerising, I didn't even notice the bottom.

Took me a few loops to even realize there was a bottom, I was waiting for the actual gameplay

Are we still doing phrasing?

If we're not doing phrasing anymore, that's fine, but if we're doing something new and no one told me, THAT I'd have a problem with.

Whoever is in that suit deserves mad props. It gets so insanely hot in there it’s not even funny. Ten minutes walking around an air conditioned building and I sweating like a whore in church.

Like a Frenchman in Texas.

Like all of us in Texas this week.

Edit: Nevermind, other posters disagree.

link to the original run of the guy in the dino costume ?

Whoever is in that suit is a fucking beast.

I have one of those and not only is it difficult to see and move, but it is hot as balls. That guy made it further than some of the more serious athletes while at a major disadvantage.

The guy in the suit is Reko Rivera who was also the guy in the suit in the original T-Rex training for ANW video. When he ran the course in the suit, it was his third or possibly fourth year competing. He hasn't ever gotten much screen time over the years but he's made it to the second round at least once that I can remember.

I've known him since 2008 (which I only just now realized is now ten years ago) when we were working in the same area at a theme park together. I asked him about the run the next time I saw him, he said skiing it in the suit was completely another level of difficulty.

16 points·8 hours ago·edited 8 hours ago

where is a vpn when you need one Q_Q

Edit: here is a mirror

ProtonVPN has a free tier you could use. Unlimited data too, just no P2P.

thanks, but found mirror :P

That is amazing.

And to think I bought this game in early access. It's been years and nothing has changed. I feel like an idiot.

For those admiring the guy in the suit, his name is Reko Rivera. He was also the guy in the suit in the original T-Rex training for ANW video. When he ran the course in the suit, it was his third or possibly fourth year competing. He hasn't ever gotten much screen time over the years but he's made it to the second round at least once that I can remember.

I've known him since 2008 (which I only just now realized is now ten years ago) when we were working in the same area at a theme park together. I asked him about the run the next time I saw him, he said skiing it in the suit was completely another level of difficulty.

Among the other cool stuff he's done was being one of the original "GuyPhone" guys that went viral long enough ago to have been featured on Attack of the Show on G4.

Attack of the Show, G4. Damn, I miss those days...

But the $3.99 sombrero DLC is pretty sweet.

I see no difference

There's always that one guy. Haha

I love this game!!!

Dammit Ubisoft

Literally No Man’s Sky.

At least the gameplay is damn near perfect, you can accept the lower res graphics.

Spot the difference.

Does anyone know the source?

Much obliged!

Call of fucking duty

200,000+ years of evolution led us to this

Hey does anyone want to watch a 12 minute literary analysis of T-Rex runner?

Did you know you can fastfall in chrome game by pressing down? You can also short hop by pressing jump reaaaaaally quickly.

You're welcome.

but can you L cancel for some hot SHFFL action?

I couldn't get wave dashing to work, no. Sorry.

I just want to know how I can play it on Android.

Turn off data and open a web page

Blizzard does this to me way too often.

I only scrolled to see the first half. Watched it about a dozen times wondering if it was going to change.......

The situation is still better than 20 years ago, where this kind of thing really was this blatant.

This is essentially what World of Warcraft is like

Upvoted because i played that game literally 30 minutes ago.

Call of duty every time they try and shit out a new game.

The game is as basic as my internet

so accurate

This is why we need more demos

It’s the way the Dino’s head flops around that cracks me up whenever I see someone in that costume.

My school blocked the dinosaur game from their internet, so when there’s no connection on our computers, we’re not even allowed to have a little fun.

I kinda want to play the bottom one, seems relaxing.

It's built into chrome

Destiny 2

99% of indie games in the last 10 years

E3 2018 in a nuttshell

That's how almost all the 8bit games were. the game cover had no resemblance to the game.

Literally Pokémon Go

Doop doop. I just sat here watching the top half of the gif waiting for the actual gameplay for a loop or two before I realized there was a bottom half.

Pretty much any mobile game trailer

Cough cough swtor cough cough

You have the game trailers that are nothing but cutscenes, and then you have Sony's console launch game footage. With the last two generations Sony has rolled out these dramatic series of game trailers when they announce the hardware. They always avoid directly answering any questions about it being rendered by the hardware itself. Very seldom do any of the game reach the same level as these trailers.

The worst part? So many journalist just gobble the lies.

Game Engine Footage == real time

It could've taken an hour per frame to render the ad, but as long as it's not a lie, it's marketable.

Woah dude, how did you get gameplay footage of Battlefield V already?

This is so fake. There is no pop-up ads and no loot boxes... no season pass pester screens. Fake!

Hey, that game keeps me entertained when I don't have WiFi

also the way that Devs demo uses actual High End PC and advertises it that it plays on Console..

Thats me in that suit, and I approve of this Gif 😂😅 -Reko Rivera

@ any Ubisoft game ever

This is where Naughty Dogs stands out. They deliver.

lol no.

Ubisoft, im looking at you

uuuuh i know that... NO MAN'S SKY!

-29 points·10 hours ago(8 children)

I agree with you but in a completely different, less hostile way.

Be skeptical, yes, but don't be a dick either.

Being a dick will get you way more attention than being nice.

-22 points·10 hours ago(0 children)

Yes but the only people who are going to make (or upvote) satire gifs like this are people who ALREADY know what the marketing bait and switch is like.

And it's a shitty fuckin practice anyway so why not call it out?

People need to stop being crybabies about deceptive marketing campaigns? Sure, you can avoid getting caught out by doing your research, but I think we shouldn't have to do that to begin with.


how is babby formed?

Comment deleted11 hours ago(0 children)

I'm more of a poultry kind of guy myself.

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