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Rip tv

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New Smash looks great

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Smash TV

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Already a game. They should remake it.

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was this in a Wal-Mart?

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Yup Edit: Sorry I’m just an idiot, it was target. And yes I did take the picture, don’t really know how I can show proof though.

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No, theres target price labels

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if op says its walmart then its walmart

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Nah, fuck that. Fake News, OP. Fake news. This is definitely Target.

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It is a target, we have the same display around the corner from me.

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Does it have a crack in the TV?

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So you now admit this isnt your content lol. I know the difference between a walmart sticker and a target one

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Damn that sucks but at this rate there could be hope for more Mario kiosks later in the season plus I bet that store will have that kiosk all fixed up next week

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At least you did find a kiosk, I'm still searching but my target has put away the Xbox and ps4 kiosks so there possibly making room for Nintendo.

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Somewhere out there, there is a Nintendo rep seeing this and praying it's not his store. He'd have to order a new TV through the company, come out and install it, then send the old one back. Just more headache.

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There's demo units?!

They've been out over 6 months and I've still not seen a Switch in person, I swear they're freaking unicorns.

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Where have you looked so far? I've seen some in Walmart, and Gamestop.

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Gamestop? How???

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I went there about a week ago and they had some in stock.

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It's sold unofficially in my country for 500$ and I have already seen two in close circles.

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It is sold officially here, but if what I remember of Nintendo of Australia holds true, they couldn't sell water in a desert. Even asked one of my nieces about it, she doesn't know anyone with one, either. They're all still playing their 3DSes.

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Recently I've been seeing them a lot more mostly at Target and Walmart and sometimes at GameStop.

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go to nowinstock then go to the switch.. you can order one right now for retail. I see them a lot, they're not hard to get anymore.. at least for right now. This is the storm before the holidays.

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This looks exactly like my local target lol

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What are they selling for a penny?

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I didn’t know they ported Dark Souls to the switch.

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This is why we can't have nice things.

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I never thought SMO was that frustrating...

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TV held up pretty well, considering what was done to it. Unless that's not supposed to be a red background.

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"What?! This is only rendered at 900p?! Garbage game. 0/10. Literally unplayable." throws Joy-Con at the TV

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wow, I didn't know you could crack LCD TVs in that way. Bet the controller flew out of someone's hand.

Edit: It always amazes me when I get downvotes for being honest and admitting my own ignorance. I mean, wtf do you want from me people? I am human.

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You should do some google image search of tvs when the wii first came out

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I fucked one up though I didn't let go of the controller. Was at this girls house for a weekend of partying with a bunch of people. They had these little attachments for the Wii Sports games... not sure if they were third party or not.

So we're playing Home Run Derby with this big ass baseball bat attachment. My buddy is taking huge hacks like he's fuckin' Barry Bonds all juiced up, everything is fine. My turn comes up and I just flick my wrist and the fucking attachment shoots off the controller like a cannonball and bludgeon's the TV.

Felt terrible.

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I was holiday shopping with a friend, when I decided I had to try Wii Sports. So, we played tennis. It was fun.

It was fun-ny when he got too into it, got too close to the television (he was unwittingly moving with his Mii) and gave the panel a good forehanded whack. Cute kiosk chick was like, "Happens all the time, don't worry, at least it didn't break".


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There's still a thin layer of glass or plastic over the actual screen itself on higher end screens, why wouldn't you be able to crack it that way?

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I worked in computer repair for a couple years and had to replace a lot of broken laptop screens and just assumed that the bigger TVs were the same. I've avoided touching my LCD TV at home so I'm not really sure how thick the plastic is on it but generally on smaller monitors the screen is too soft to the touch to shatter like that.

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General rule of thumb is, if it's not matte it probably has a layer of something over it.

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Why would you want your TV screen to be reflective?! That would be horrible

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No need for a demo, just buy it.

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Waiting for the /s there, pal.