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Inhumans is astoundingly bad. It's the first comic book tv show in years that I am hoping gets cancelled quickly as I worry it will taint AoS and their use of the inhumans.

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The last episode was awful. Forget the atrocious dialogue, hammy acting, and that none of the characters make decisions that make sense... I just can't get over the shitty editing.

Right at the end of the episode, Gorgon saves Karnak from the drug dealers. After they run off, they hear gunshots behind them, and turn around to find Black Bolt, Medusa, Insufferable Science Girl, and Tracker lady come strolling out of the jungle. They're all walking perfectly upright. (What happened to the drug dealers? Oh we beat them up offscreen. CGI powers are expensive you know!)

Karnak has his goodbye with nameless hippie girl who has no reason to be in love with him.

Then, all of a sudden, Tracker lady randomly falls down with a "fatal wound" that appeared to miss vital areas, and gives the lamest death speech ever. Something about wanting Black Bolt to "be the king we deserve." So... what, the royal family uses her as a blood hound for years, abuses her caste, and after being thrown in the trunk of a car and walking through the jungle with them for a few hours, she's cool with them again?

Nothing in this show flows. It constantly feels like there are missing scenes, and even within an expository sequence, they make weird cuts.

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They also go for wide shots when more intimate shots would feel appropriate. Really odd.

The music is also really bad. Remember that cringey R&B beat they played during Tattoo Face's sexy beach scene? And then this week the lame music during Tattoo Face's bamboo fighting stick scene? And also part of his powers is negging!

Then there's also the major issue that none of the heroes are likeable. There goal up until, I'm gonna go out on a very small limb here, the death of Locate was to go back to the moon, and continue their life of luxury thanks their human slaves.

Also, you can literally see the accountants on this show cutting the budget.

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There has been talk/rumors that they were told to make the cheapest show possible, so it was kinda doomed to begin with

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It's a one time series. No renewal necessary

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They couldn't make Inhumans any more boring if they tried. What a disappointment.

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Once Upon a Time was good, was a decent show, but now its time to let it die.

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It had 2 seasons, maybe 3. I'm continually surprised that it still exists.

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I’d give it the first 2 seasons and then the first half of season 3. They just had a hard reboot for this season that only kept 3 of the main cast around. It really just needs to end at this point.

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As someone who watched 4 damn seasons....only the first was good. It really should have ended there.

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I am still surprised when people say Once Upon a Time and do not mean the anime

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Once Upon a time is still on???

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Take OUAT out back behind the barn and let Bigby Wolf put it out of its misery so we can get the fairy tale tv series we've been needing.