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Yeah. Flowers had a huge impact on my life, which I've gone into great detail about in the past and won't rehash. Suffice it to say, it helped me immensely recovering from a head injury.

When I finished my first fantasy novel, I was going to brand it as 'A fantasy reimagining of...' until people told me that was the most depressing tagline they'd ever heard. :)

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I read an abridged version of it in grade nine and I remember everyone in my class, including myself, thinking it was sad but excellent. I read the full version in grade twelve and sat in the back room of my classroom and was SO depressed. It is such an amazing book. One of my favourites. I recommend it everyone!

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I have never been upset by a book before this. Knew nothing about it, was just told by a friend I should try it out. Oh god the feels, I read it on a Saturday and was bummed out for the rest of the day.

I gave it a 5/5 on goodreads but don't think I could ever read this again, just too sad.

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Im a pretty hard person, according to what people tell me, and don't normally react much to movies & books that usually trigger an emotional reaction.

But after reading this one, I legit had to go out for a cigarette. It was just too powerful. Especially when he starts calling Alice "Miss Kinnian" again... :'(

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