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knock knock open up the door it's real

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with the non-stop pup pup and schmacko feels!

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I go hard gettin zoomies wit it

But I got such a good heart

I make the mother hecker wonder if he did it

Darn right and I'll play with a fren

Cuz I'm a pupper and I gots to win

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Giv treats to my frens and me

And no matter how many head rubs i get

Ill want mor than you’re givin me

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This has been a magical experience 😍😭

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OMG!! This guys is making me want to buy DogeCoin just to honor this pupper!

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Pups gonna love it to ya.

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stop having it be closed

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That is a heckin' cute dog

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You can tell his little tail is a'waggin away 😁

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He looks a little concerno but it's actually impatience for the scritches he should receive

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Is his head a perfect regular octagon? :D

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Square watermelons, octagonal boyes. What a wonderful place.

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Looks pretty octadogonal to me

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hello precious!

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General cutie pie!

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oh my god someone pet him!

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What kind of dog is this?

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Shiba Inu!

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Don't listen to what these fools are saying. This is a doge.

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Yes. A very fine specimen of the doge species.

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Shiba Inu I believe.

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Came to ask the same thing

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Wow. Thought doge is famouz.

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Looks like a Shiba Inu to me.

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A good one

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Good boy? No, best boy.

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Gotta pay the scritches tax after summoning a fren.

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I’m in love 😍

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Shibas have that face of “what are you possibly doing without me?”

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Doggo needs a nail trim

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How could you just stand there and not give the good boy some pats?!?!?

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hello there!

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Genreral puprobi! You are a cute one!

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Good boy needs his nails cut :(

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Henlo fren !!


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This is the dog in question https://www.instagram.com/tama7653/ Go give them a follow

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As much as the world memes on "dad jokes" they really are great. No matter how stupid and corny they are, you will always get a positive emotional reaction out of someone.

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Boop the snoot!

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he leap

he eat

but most importantly

he greet

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Super cute!! But did anyone else notice the length of those nails??

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    Best bot!!!!!

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    Can’t spell god without dog

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    Hi puppers!

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    ♫ How much for that doge in the window ♪

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    That’s a good booper

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    Heya georgie

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    Is that a Wild Goose Machine?

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    Its like the toothpick ball in diary of a wimpy kid

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    Do u hav treat?

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      Welcome to Good Shiba, home of the Good Shiba. Can I take your order?

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      Yours is much better!!

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      This is really cute haha. Your version >

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      "Did you want something or did you knock just to bother me?"

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      Pupper has wares if you has coin

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      H I _ T H E R E

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      Good bot.

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      "More of a peanut than a chip!"............HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA YEAH THAT'S RIGHT HA HA HA

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      Henlo sheeb-kun

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      This could also be a dad fart in action.

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      This scared the heck out of me jeez louise.

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      Gib sausig.

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      I booped the screen.

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      Did anyone else see a murderer in the background?

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      Wanna buy some wow?

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      not your fren, guy!

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      this dogecoin shilling is working on me

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      I need one

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      Needs nail trimming bad!!!

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      I wouldn't be able to look at that face without immediately giving him head scritches.

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      grab the face with both hands and kiss the snoot

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      I want a Shiba so badly.

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      Fúcking cute

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      Guess when you get shot & blood splatters in your eyes you can't see until you find an eyewash station.

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      To dispose of, discard, or get rid of: “The board of directors deep-sixed the proposal without even reading it.” This phrase is derived from the noun “deep six,” meaning burial at sea and referring to the depth of water necessary for such a burial.

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      I wear glasses and honestly can’t imagine looking at a light at night WITHOUT lens flare

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      I used to be an animal keeper and took care of clouded leopards. There are definitely some clouded leopards who are "nice" to humans and beg for food like house cats. BUT DO NOT THINK ALL ARE LIKE THIS IN ZOOS. THIS IS ONLY FOR SOME CATS THAT HAVE BEEN HAND-REARED/HAD A LOT OF SOCIALIZATION WITH HUMANS. I have been pounced at when walking passed a cage, swatted at, and nearly all of them will growl.

      That being said, I love them dearly and miss taking care of them. (Can't post pics because of confidentiality agreement)

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      It's way too late for any sort of inflection moment. They've intentionally kept all of this stuff hidden far from us so we never have that moment where we go, "Hey, wait, this isn't what I wanted."

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      Public Education summed up in picture form.

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      Yeah, in Germany conscription was abolished much with the same reason.. Everyone should or noone must.. Since noone wants to do it, it was abolished.

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      That's how it goes in my state . A judge can invalidate a prenup if he thinks it's not fair.

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