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Hahaha, it's funny because when pronounced out loud, "front ear" sounds very similar to "frontier". And the exploration of space as "the final frontier" is a phrase that has been popularized by the title sequence of the various series in the Star Trek franchise. This play on words delights us!

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Who are you and what did you do with u/JokeExplainBot?

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Who is us?

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The Borg?

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It's his job guys, didn't u read his user name

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Pronounced by whom, a German?

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This joke was old in 1970, so no.

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It went up on Buzzfeed’s Snapchat story about 8 hours ago, so no.

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Captain Kirk had more. He went on a five-ear mission.

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On the entearprise

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slow clap

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That joke, I love it!

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Something original! Not for long....

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It's literally decades old.

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Not original. I been telling this joke since I was 5. Now 32. Sorry.

First time I seen it in the wild though.

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How many ears did Davy Crockett have? Left ear right ear and wild frontier